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Gosling Moves by foxdeamon
Gosling Moves
for :iconpkmnation:

just starting on my list of pokes to teach moves.
    Gosling learned Focus Energy
    Gosling learned Ember
    Gosling learned Peck

Gosling gains 27 lvls!
6 x (Full body (2) + shadding (2)) + simple bkgdx3 (3)= 27
A Ghostly Halloween by foxdeamon
A Ghostly Halloween
for :iconpkmnation:

thought id draw some halloween things and made a pic for my ghost babies. :3

Flicker thought it would be funny to tell a scary story.
poor Kain got the electriciy scared out of him and Phantom is hiding behind Skinard.
Ichabod and Spook are just hanging around enjoying the tricks. and prickly, well she just kinda appeared....

they all gain 6 lvls
full body (2) + shading (2) + detailed bkgd (2) = 6lvs
A Very Sona Halloween by foxdeamon
A Very Sona Halloween
i drew all(current most used) my sonas in halloween costumes.

Deki : Dragon-sona : Pirate
AnnaBelle : Pony-sona : Witch
Jaxx : Werewolf-sona : Ninja
v Raptor-sona : Playboy bunny
Deki : Fur-sone : Vampire

all my sonas seem to be white. its a pain to shade lol
And yes the dragon and fox have the same name bc originally they're the same character just a shapeshifter. you cant see the dragons red moon jewel bc of her bandanna but they were originally developed for a story but became more than that to me. they are my oldest sonas and haven't changed much, if at all, in many many years.
Can't stop laughing at the raptor in a bunny costume
what will we do today... by foxdeamon
what will we do today...
to earn our cutie marks?

since all i seem to be able to plop out is ponies and pokemon, here you go.

and suprise ive started working on another one......
Nibbles Reff by foxdeamon
Nibbles Reff
for :iconpkmnation:

Name: Nibbles
Pokemon: Aerodactyl/ Riolu
Type: Flying/ Rock/Fighting
Class: Cross
Gender: Male
Hatch Date: 03/24/15
ID: 29448

Level: 11
Started BA: 5
Current BA: 7
Moves: (I use for starter moves)
supersonic, bite, scary face, wing attack, thunder fang, ice fang, fire fang, quick attack, foresight, endure

Level up log
4 lvls from  DYO redraw
(2lvs FB+2lvs complex background((I can tell he is outside at night that makes it a complex right?)))
Reff 7lv (full body + shading(4), headshot + shading(3))


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